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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Um contributo para a análise do impacto dos blogues

A propósito da celeuma levantada por criticas expressas no blogue (americano) Captain's Quarters a decisões tomadas pelo governo do Canadá, The Belmont Club faz o comentário seguinte:

Internet self-publishing (blogs) have introduced a genuine element of volatility into the political system. Anyone who watched the Terri Schiavo meme unfold would have noticed how it could take unexpected turns, almost like a live and squirming thing. Indeed, some have argued that the Schiavo story damaged President Bush and the Republican Party. However that may be, it should be clear that Internet memes do not behave like ad campaigns. They are far more uncontrollable and dangerous than the public relations objects of yesteryear. There is a certain irony in the fact that the Gomery inquiry is dealing with a corrupt public relations ad campaign (Adscam) costing hundreds of millions of dollars that is now being done to death by a blog costing several hundred dollars. That fact alone and what is implied by it should give pause.

Vão e leiam tudo.

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