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Friday, May 06, 2005


Eleições no Reino Unido

Agora que existe uma certeza na vitória de Blair, algumas curiosidades, como este artigo no Times Online, que ensina a deliciosa arte de tradução entre politiquês e linguagem vulgar. Alguns exemplos, no inglês original:


Labour: “We’re not counting any chickens yet because strange things can happen. But if these figures are right, the country has made a decision to move fowards rather than back to the nasty and divisive Britain represented by Michael Howard’s election campaign.”

Translation: “Wa-hey! Four more years!”

Tories: “Exit polls have been wrong before. There is only one poll that matters — the one involving real votes in real ballot boxes. We have heard a lot about opinion polls in the past few weeks but the feeling on the ground is very different.”

Translation: “We’ve lost, but hopefully Michael Ancram will take over in an hour or so to explain this disaster.”

Lib Dems: “This shows we are now the real opposition to Tony Blair’s Labour Party. People have warmed to Charles Kennedy’s laidback style.”

Translation: “I can’t believe Blair got away with it. Where’s Kennedy? He’s a useless, lazy idiot who missed the best chance we’ve had for 100 years.”

Vão lá, e leiam tudo.

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