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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Michael Moore e a cura de emagrecimento...

O New York Post noticiou (registo gratuíto necessário), Tim Blair blogou, e o Iowahawk delirou com a notícia de que Michael Moore se tinha inscrito para uma cura de emagrecimento na Florida.

Neste poste exclusivo (mentira, mentira...) para os meus três ou quatro leitores, aqui vão uns aperitivos, e o respectivo link.

August 20, 2005

Dear Friends,

There is something very strange going on here. My alarm clock went off at SEVEN FREAKING A.M. this morning, even though I gave the staff strict instructions that I was not to be disturbed before 10:30. The so-called "counselor," Sergio, began barking orders, like a bad cariacture of Curtis LeMay, and forced us down the hallway in an Orwellian march to the dining hall. And I use the term "dining" very loosely. "Breakfast" here apparently means grapefruit and bran flakes, without a single union-made pastry or sausage link to be found. I suspect the food service here may be involved in backroom deals with General Mills and the Florida Citrus cartel, and their exploitation of non-unionized migrant workers.

Gotta go, Sergio is barking something about exercise period.

Keep Agitating,

Michael Moore


August 20, 2005

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been subjected to 15 straight minutes of side stretches and deep knee touches? Well I have. With every bark of Commandante Sergio and his aerobics interrogators, my mind recalled the painful deprivations of the illegally-held detainees in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. I intended to document this horror on film and send the tapes to my staff for editing, but when I approached Sergio for an interview he confiscated my camera and microphone.

I am still catching my breath, and late for lunch at the dining hall. More on this silencing of dissent later.




August 21, 2005

Dear Friends,

You and I have stood strong against Ashcroft's PATRIOT act and it chilling impact on our liberties. This morning I learned just how fragile those liberties can be. During breakfast weigh-in, Sergio suddenly stopped me -- without probable cause, without so much as a warrant -- and forced me to empty my pockets on a dining hall table. Without even the most basic judicial review or appeal process, he embargoed 6 of my Snickers energy bars, even after I explained I needed the quick energy boost for AM calistenics. Dude, where is my country?

If You're Not Pissed Off, You're Not Paying Attention.



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