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Friday, November 18, 2005


Os novos padres

Na Grã-Bretanha têm outros nomes, por cá também todos nós os conhecemos. Para melhor explicitar o fenómeno, leiam este artigo, The age of unreason (o registo gratuíto pode ser necessário) no Spectator. Só como aperitivo:

To this day I am astonished when I hear that sensible, biologically mature adults allow themselves to be treated as if they were incompetent dimwits by a new army of professional surrogate parents. In days of old, traditional authority figures, like priests, instructed us how to behave in public and told us which rules to observe. Today’s experts are even freer with their advice. They do not simply tell us what to do and think, but also how to feel. A new army of life coaches, lifestyle gurus, professional celebrities, parenting coaches, super-nannies, makeover experts, healers, facilitators, mentors and guides regularly lecture us about the most intimate details of our existence. They are not simply interested in monitoring public behaviour but in colonising our internal life.

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