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Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Mysterious Case of The Red Cross Ambulance Incident

Holmes See, Watson, this Red Cross ambulance was hit by an Israeli missile in Southern Lebanon.
Watson I, see Holmes.
Holmes I think I'll call it the Mysterious Case of the Exploding Ambulance.
Watson But that ambulance didn't ever explode, Holmes.
Holmes That's precisely the mystery, Doctor Watson.

This picture is supposed to show an ambulance hit by an Israeli air strike during the war in Southern Lebanon. It was presented by all major media sources as yet another proof of Israel’s wickedness. Notice that there are no signs of explosion, fire or any other significant damage to expect from a missile strike. As a matter it looks like a scrap from a junkyard, which it probably is.

A full analysis is available at Zombietime.

By the way: a car hit by a missile looks like this (a photograph from Gaza depicting a ‘militant’s’ car after an Israeli air strike).

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